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Gotte Spake Musica

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Gotte Spake Musica is divided into two distinct sections. The first is set in the fictional town of Tremka in an undisclosed East European country. The setting is just as WWII is coming to an end. The local people have suffered from the bitter winters, the occupation of armed forces and the dwindling natural resources from the harsh landscape.
On an abandoned train platform a suitcase is found by the Station Master which sets off a chain of events that disrupts the cold and harsh landscape. An accident to Lorus, a young man has him hospitalized where the nurse on duty shows him a traditional toy musical instrument which he hides at home.
The local people are of gypsy lineage and believe in traditional folk stories they call Mayas. In one particular Maya, Gotte (creator) leaves musical clues to the structure of their traditional beliefs.
The passage from Halle to Haiven - Rewsnaehtsicisum - is entered via rocks, rivers, trees, lakes, fire and certain animals. Some don’t make it and become part of the gate, so that new forests are grown and more rocks appear at the edge of Raze Kreek. There is no evil in Vianlat; Gotte’s realm, cannot be depicted as similar to the world of living.
One of the family's daughters is chosen to create a living musical tapestry to herald Gotte's Musica. Arna’s manuscript cannot be seen in its original form. It protects itself by forming a protective vessel which can manifest itself in many forms. Only when the correct intention is manifested will the chord be played to reveal the manuscript so Gotte’s Maya can be played to release the gates for the people of Vianlat and Haiven to mingle again to form a paradise where every thought and action is in harmony with eternita, when desire is drowned out by compassion and thoughts are freed from the wheel of monotony, and musica is revealed again to the world and all understanding is shared.
The second section is set in modern day Copenhagen where Lorus and his family have moved to. Lorus' son Zaen, becomes involved in music and with the help of friends creates a Folk-Metal Band which discovers the musical motif in Arna's Tapestry and releases the song to the world which unites and uplifts all those who hear it.
The style is that of a fable and although not strictly in the Fantasy genre has a slight satirical slant. It is a very short manuscript – perhaps even a short story and comprises the third installment of Musicscapes.
The pace of the narrative is delivered in a lot of short sharp sentences moving quickly through the story so that a lot of ground is covered in line with a modern day urban culture. The culmination of the story is when the Band Muttadaadskye plays the folk-metal version of Gotte's Musica at a music festival and releases Arna's motif to the world.

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