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Understanding Christianity

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Being a Christian is being conformed to the image of Christ. It is having that intimate relationship with Christ resulting in your character and behavior becoming so identical to that of his, that when people look at you, they see Christ.
As Christians, Christ is our standard and we are all being conformed (present-continuous, not past) to his image but most of us don't even know the image we are being conformed to because we don't actually know Christ. We don't know who we are meant to be because we don't actually know the standard we are to be living up to. That is why, as a Christian, you cannot be transformed without following Christ.
My prayer and hearts desire for all men is that each and every one of us would come to know Jesus Christ personally and more intimately. That we may all come to experience the greatest love ever known, that we may love Him with all our hearts and eventually be with Him for eternity.

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