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I'm Wide Awake: Transform Your Pain With An Open Heart

Length: 91 pages1 hour


I’m Wide Awake: Transform Your Pain With An Open Heart was born out of inspired stories, and actual life experiences of passion from brave souls who did not allow their personal setbacks to fall from grace. I am no one special, but I’ve been inspired to write this book to reach out to the ones who are broken; to the women, most especially, who are having a hard time restoring their way back into the kind of amazing love—and life--they deserve. Each chapter involves a journey to self-discovery, as it takes on the very core of how consciously someone feels when they’re in the battlefield of life; and it will surely expose the heart of anyone who reads it through. I hope that through my honesty and encouragement, this book will bring about positive transformation and cause you blessings more than you could ever pray for.

I believe we are all specially created to make one another’s life better. I'm grateful to everyone who has been, (and still) part of my learning journey that made this possible. Whenever I’m asked what my book is about, I say it’s about truth, faith, and love. There are those who have seen me fall many times, and when I see myself fall, I see chances to win; and each day I breathe is another chance for me to love and help others. I may not have the flawless image of a person who has never been scarred, but the truth is I didn’t allow my failures to defeat me and God’s purpose. What am I getting out of this? It’s the thought that I’m able to save someone in my own small way; and that is more than enough. I choose to continue to grow and be worthy of a place in heaven someday. I would love to hear other people’s testimonies of courage too. Every single lesson, my shattered dreams, are all for God's glory.

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