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Emoter: Volume 01 of 10

Length: 414 pages6 hours


A self-proclaimed scientific ‘nun’ becomes interested in intimacy? Lynn Sue doesn’t know how to respond to the idea or to the unexpected event that opens her mind and emotions to what she had purposely avoided for years. When her best friend expresses envy and encourages her to enjoy additional positive responses, Lynn Sue requests advice from her aunt and is surprised at what she learns.

A peek inside:

Parking her vehicle at Mariam’s, Lynn Sue walks to the door and before the chime of the doorbell dims to silence, the door opens, Mariam drags her in, and closes the door before almost accusing her, “What took you so long?”

Lynn Sue answers, “I had to finish what I was working on. It didn’t take that long.”

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, the pizza is still in the oven.”

“Mariam, what’s going on?”

“Are these your ERDs?”

“Are they the ones I gave you this morning?”


“Then I guess they’re mine. I’m sorry I didn’t memorize the serial numbers. And it would be my recordings on them unless somebody forget to erase the ERDs before I used them.”

Mariam assures her, “These are the serial numbers I signed out to you before you went on vacation and these are the ones you brought back. And they were new ERDs that had never been used before. Did you always have them with you?”

“Well, I always had one in my headband and the other in my luggage.”

“And nobody played with them?”

Lynn Sue does her own assuring, “My aunt and uncle wouldn’t get into my luggage and nobody else was in the house. Even if someone else did find the ERD in my luggage, they wouldn’t know what information was on it or how to access it, but if they could do all of that, the recordings would be garbage, wouldn’t they?”

“Yes, you’re right about that.”

“So, Mariam, what’s going on? What’s got you all bent out of shape?”

“Ding,” says the timer on the oven.

Rather than answer the question, Mariam suggests, “Let me get the pizza out of the oven and get yourself a drink from the fridge.”

After eating a couple of pieces of pizza to assuage their hunger and with their drinks beside them on the kitchen table, Lynn Sue can wait no longer, “Mariam, spill it. What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go all psycho on you, but I had to be sure that these were your ERDs.”

“What’s so special about them? The other ERDs of mine that you reviewed were so dull and boring, you threatened to review them at night because they tended to put you to sleep.”

“True. But parts of these are so different I could hardly believe they were yours. Oh, most of the emotional recordings are almost flat line which is your typical profile and most of the rest are barely perceivable, which could be interpreted as half asleep or, in your case, more likely deep concentration. Nothing that would be thought of as unusual in Ms. Android, I mean you. Sorry.”

“I’ve heard the office gossip. From what you’ve not said, there are some pieces that are unusual.”

“Yes. And to stay with the science fiction analogy, those pieces are like an android specifically programmed for the red zone.”


“When I checked your journal, nothing stood out, but when I checked the emotional recordings, it looks like you had a couple of intense sexual experiences.”

As she suddenly remembers, Lynn Sue quietly says, “Oh.”

Mariam’s eyebrows lift, “Oh?! What do you mean ‘oh’? Did you meet a man? What happened during your vacation? Talk to me.”

“No, I didn’t meet a man in how you’re defining it. At least, I don’t think so.”

“You don’t think so!?! . . . If my emotional response could be half of your response, I’ll take him, even if he’s as ugly as a mud fence and twice as dumb. . . . I’m sorry, Lynn Sue, I don’t mean to pry, but your emotional responses in those situations, whatever they were, are so beautiful, so clear, and the recordings are so clean, it’s

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