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Food From Our Ancestors: The Ultimate Italian Sunday Dinner Cookbook

Length: 46 pages17 minutes


Liz Della Croce from is proud to release the first cookbook in a series. Featuring recipes like Eggplant Parmesan, Pasta e Fagiole, Sunday Gravy and more, #FoodFromOurAncestors is a series of eCookbooks documenting the ethnic recipes of our childhood. The first edition in a series, future cookbooks will include The Ultimate Lebanese Sunday Dinner, The Ultimate Mexican Sunday Dinner, The Ultimate Jewish Shabbat Dinner and more. A completely self-funded passion project, my inspiration for publishing these books are my own children and all future generations who yearn for the authentic food of their ancestors but were never able to get exact recipes from elders who use a ‘pinch of this’ or a ‘splash of that.’ As a healthy food blogger, I believe that everyone would benefit from spending a little more time in the kitchen and gathering together as a family to cook the recipes of generations past.

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