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Welding of Tubular Structures: Proceedings of the Second International Conference Held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 16-17 July 1984 under the Auspices of the International Institute of Welding

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Welding of Tubular Structures focuses on the testing, processes, and techniques involved in welding tubular structures in different environments and conditions. The book stresses that the analysis of weldment testing is valuable to the structural integrity of every welded material.
Presenting the literature of various authors who have conducted experiments and tests on this topic, the book starts by outlining the testing measures done on weldments on offshore structures, hangars, towers, and other edifices. These discussions are backed up by numerical representations to support the claims of authors, particularly on the effectiveness of the techniques used in welding. The book also presents a comparative study on the behavior of steel, aluminum, and other materials when subjected to stress. This discussion is followed by experiments to test the strength of the welded materials. Much attention is given when these materials start to crack and suffer from fatigue. With this in consideration, analysis is particularly devoted to the research on why these welded materials fail.
The text is a vital source of information to those in the welding sector, particularly those working in offshore structures.

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