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Living in Caine's Hold

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Kostin Helena has been assassinated!

The death of such an influential man affects not only the powerful Five Families that control the world of Caine’s Hold, but also creates trouble for the off-world appointed Chief Magistrate, Tartina Altay. While she works to contain the riots and worse that tear apart the capital city, Baran Helena, Kostin’s unpopular successor, pushes to take command of the entire world, no matter what the cost.

However, Kostin had a second son.

Kostanos Helena escaped Helena House the night his father died. Addicted to the drug Soft, and living precariously as a street singer, Kostanos survives because Baran believes his brother has escaped off-world, while Altay is convinced the younger Helena must be dead.

Unfortunately, as long as Helena House stays in Baran’s hands, nothing will get better, and it may be that Kostanos is the only hope of survival for Caine’s Hold.

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