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The Sins of Angels (Demoniac Codex Book 3)

Length: 258 pages4 hours


Helen Seiben has the devil on her shoulder and an angel as the suspect in a grisly, small town murder. A consultant for the Paranormal Police, Helen focuses her unique abilities as human with angelic blood toward solving supernatural crimes. When one of the oldest humans on the planet is murdered by an unknown creature, Helen uncovers more than just an assassination. Tangling with demigods and devils, Helen's case is further complicated by the one man who wants her love; the fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar. Can she resist the blandishments of the devil himself, or will she fall into darkness?

Meanwhile, haunted by the beautiful Hell-born, Adhin, who is inextricably bound to his broken halo, accused of murder, and under suspicion of losing his Grace, Raphael is in more trouble now than he's been since the War in Heaven. When investigating the murder of which he is accused turns over the hint of an ancient enemy, an eons-old plan to destroy all life on Earth, can Raphael unravel the mystery in time?

In a world of gods and immortals, demons and angels, prophecies and magic, love is the ultimate temptation....

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