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Thinking: An Essay

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A preface states the purpose of the essay. It links the essay to my assertion that a mathematical continuum is impossible and this affects perception. Chapter 1 shows that a moment cannot be analyzed by transient thought, requiring past analysis of any moments of the past from some point in a future present moment. This opens up error between the difference between that past point and the present point. The brain must project into the future to determine any behavior however simple and short term. We see the brain counteracts the error problem by projecting into the future. The two counteracting states help judge each other to minimize error. This is triad imaging and hardwired into the brain, so men do not actually see the present moment, only the triad fusion before the senses. Chapter 2 discusses ways to get at what is going on here by suggesting many perception tests already done by psychologists but from the perspective of the triad specifically. We use visual and auditory tests, judge how suggestion and emotions affect the subject, and see how the formation of standards (supposed fixed and eternal) might be used by the brain (hardwired) and the consciousness in general. The brain is a machine and consciousness immaterial. I show how this is supported by evidence and conforms to reason over materialism of mind and matter being one thing. Chapter 3 deals with eternal fixation specifically. I note that faith is more reasonable than scepticism. We delve into why men need standards, and the need to discriminate between superstition and faith.

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