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Lambs Books of Life

Length: 414 pages5 hours


Lambs Books of Life is the beginning story about a hunt for the volumes that make up the complete Book of Life, which is said to chronicle the names of every soul’s fate for eternity.
During his daily routines in the Detroit metropolitan area, Cris notices beings that he eventually finds out are Recording Angels, sent down to follow man through life and chronicle his actions with the documentation inside a group of books that they carry with them. As Cris learns more about angels from his mother and aunt, he joins up with David, a man he meets online. David has also been seeing angels, while dealing with the illness and death of his wife, Debbie.
Although Cris doesn’t know it at first, David happens to share a connection with Cris’ estranged sister, Genie. It is after talking with David and researching his Bible and online that Cris’ surmises that there are actually 7 different volumes that make up the complete Book of Life. The books are Wealth, Power, Poverty, Kindness, Birth, Death and Evil and are numbered, BOL-I through BOL-VI. The books change periodically to avoid any angel learning too much about one volume, and the only way a human can view the contents of a book is if they are chronicled within it. Cris’ interactions with these angels result in him ending up with one of the books, which he must somehow return to the angels while being pursued by both angels and demons.
When Cris travels to Dallas to meet with Cris, he is reunited with Genie, who happens to find another volume while going through Debbie’s things. Cris is also visited by two angels, Cass and Alana, that he thinks are there to retrieve the new book, but who turn out to be demons trying to get all the books for their own purposes.
After David is involved in a car accident with his daughters, who are unknowingly possessed by the demons Hepsur and Melina, he is visited in the hospital by two more angels, Dawn and Goldac, trying to protect him and his important role in destiny that is chronicled in the books. Meanwhile, one of the nurses, Tina, is working with the demons that have possessed David’s daughters to get the books and kill David, because he is supposed to have a key role in ushering in the New Covenant. After failing to kill David, Tina and the demon daughters return to David’s house and steal the book.
During this time, an additional story involving two angels, Esca and Heryl, is unfolding in California. Esca and Heryl note that the contents of the books are changing.
There is a fiery fight and reunion of the demons, Cass and Alana with Hepsur and Melina, at Tina’s house. The result of this fight is the escape of Cris and David with the book that was in Debbie’s things. Dawn and Goldac send Cris and David driving to California to meet up with Esca and Heryl and release the book, so they think. Before they leave, the book falls open and Cris sees his own name.
Along the way, Cris is overwhelmed by the desire to try to open up the book, which closes on its’ own, and which he thinks is the Book of Death. During their journey from Texas to California, the book opens and shows a name and age of a woman, and Cris takes this omen to mean that they are supposed to prevent this woman’s death. They detour their route to intercept her before she dies, only to find out that she is the one who is the killer.
While on their way to California, Cris and David are involved in a terrible multi-car accident caused by Cass and Alana. This plot twist involves an engineer and her boss who dies in the wreckage to be used in future books. While Cris is escapes with the book, David is trapped inside the wreckage. Before the firefighters can free David, Cris sees Cass and Alana take him hostage and disappear. Grieving on the side of the road and trying to figure out what to tell his sister, Cris is given another book and told by an angel that he has to collect the other five books.

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