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General Knowledge of Civic Culture and Psychology: Part I

Length: 43 pages40 minutes


"General Knowledge of Civic Culture and Psychology", Part I - "General Knowledge of Civic Culture" is a wonderful, easy and interesting eBook of general knowledge of civic culture. This eBook contain a lot of basis information for all the people who want to know many useful subjects of civic culture. This eBook, also, contain basis information of civic culture useful for the students or even for the teachers. The knowledge of this book are writing in an accessible language. This eBook, also, contain general information about: the uniqueness of the individual, social groups and family, values, moral norms and legal norms, human communities, territorial administrative division, the Town Hall, local and county councils, nation, citizenship and citizens' rights, states and international organizations, forms of government and political regimes, modern states and constitutional factors (constitutionality), types of constitution, short considerations regarding constitutions in the world and in Romania, the Romania's Constitution, the principle of separation of powers, the powers and authorities in the Romanian state, media and public opinion, freedom of opinion and the role of the mass-media, citizenship and democratic practices, civil society and democracy, the right of association, the right to be elected and the right to vote, public participation in decision-making, the authority, the freedom, the justice, the equality, the property, the patriotism.

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