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To Dry the Tears of a Clown

Length: 312 pages4 hours


For two weeks, and as a favor to close friends, clown-for-hire and child-friend, Chloe van Doren, reluctantly agrees to masquerade as a child psychiatrist. She's asked to visit and cheer up a sad little rich girl, Jeanie Larraby, who had recently lost her mother.

When she meets and instantly falls for Jeanie's father, Ethan Larraby, a man with "a face Michelangelo would kill to sculpt," she learns of his past, and things get painfully complicated.

What only her closest friends, Cynthia and Clara, know is, behind Chloe's bubbly smiles and clown's make-up, she hides a traumatic and terrifying past...a past that's triggered when she discovers who Jeanie's late mother is...

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