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Play It Again

Length: 247 pages3 hours


Viola’s only a few drinks away from her next mistake.

Even her sober life is a trainwreck. When she’s not writing an entire album about her ex who’s probably never coming back (an album that shattered her image as a pop star), she’s sending him texts he’ll probably never reply to.

But drunkenly falling into bed with Colton King, the hottest pop singer in the country, was the last thing she ever thought would happen.

As she heads away from the hotel in her walk of shame, she doesn’t think her life can get any worse.

But it can.

Because with her own popularity faltering, her music label comes up with a plan to drive her back up to the top of the music charts: a duet.

If she refuses, she can forget about having a future career as a musician. If he refuses, he has nothing to lose.

He already screwed her once. Who's to say he wouldn’t screw with her chances at a successful career, too?

This was going to be the most awkward duet ever - if she can get him to agree to do it.

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