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Length: 206 pages2 hours


Out in the newly-settled wilds of central Florida, supernatural forces have descended on a small town. Summoned by Jeremiah, a young man with a mystical connection to the monsters, the living nightmares stalk and torment the citizens of Holbrecht.
He has one goal in mind: prepare the world for the arrival of a vicious new god, one he believes he is meant to serve.
Jem’s brother Jhared, sheriff of Holbrecht, possess his own supernatural abilities. It’s been his duty to keep Holbrecht safe from the Hellborn creatures Jem calls down upon the town. As more and more folks turn to Jem’s bizarre rituals for protection against the ravaging monsters, Jhared loses faith in his calling.
When Cherish, arrives in town, claiming to be sent by a man long dead, Jhared is at first suspicious. She seems lost and frightened, but as her true nature becomes clear, both brothers charge into battle against one another. Cherish’s unique heritage makes her either the catalyst for the apocalypse, or the only one who can prevent it.

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