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Never Piss Off an Angel

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*An unedited, politically incorrect, Science-Fiction/Romance...

In a solar system, where "White Privilege" does not exist... can Alex save the two women he loves, from his parents and the kings childlike son? Or will he be torn apart from them forever... because his parents would rather see the woman Alex loves, gone. But when the kings childlike son becomes infatuated with Samantha, Alex' parents strike a deal with the kings son. However with the thanks of Alex' uncle... Alex and Samantha are forced to used technology that could transform Samantha into someone completely different! Yet unlike the people of this solar system, Alex and Samantha love her, just as equally as they love each other, and time is running out to save all three of them! Because not even Ming, can even hide forever in this solar system

Story is told as a flashback. If you do not want to read it as a flashback, start with...
Chapter 10 Post Intro... then go to CH 4, CH 5, CH 6, CH 7, CH 8, CH 9, CH 2, CH 3, CH 1

(The Author of the novel does not believe in "White Privilege" yet some people do... The story is purely fictional, and remember that the moral of the story is the most important... because we are all, in fact. Human. No matter who we may appear to be on the outside and we need to treat each other as to who we are on the inside, and not as what we appear to be, on the outside).

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