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Sometimes ordinary people are called upon to do great things. What happens when someone finds everything that he never wished for? Yes, he wanted something better than the miserable existence that he was chained to. But he most definitely did not ask for the reality that he now finds himself thrown into.

Plucked from his daily misery and transported to another reality, he is endowed with amazing abilities. The device that makes it all possible is The Plethora and the mysterious beings that have decreed it are The Overseers. But before he can accept the fact of whether or not it's all really happening, he must decide if he is going insane. It's too incredible. How can this really be happening?

He has never been anything but below average. Now, the population of an entire city looks up to and reveres him as a hero. His greatest fear, it it is all real, is letting down, not only himself, but those people who know him as PHASE.

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