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Transform Cold Clicks into Raving Readers

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MindMap Your Marketing Plan to find your goals, your readers, the benefits you offer and marketing options that work. 

Build Your Newsletter with readers who love your work using lead sources and giveaways you’ll offer. If you only have one book or no book yet, we’ll discuss alternatives to a free novel. Then once you have subscribers, let’s discuss how to automate your communication to transform clicks to reviewing readers. 

Then finally, Blogging is necessary and can fit in your life. We will dig deeper into content than just ‘set up a blog’ information with our eyes on remaining visible so when readers find you, they discover your world of novels.

This USA Today Bestselling Author shares her author secrets for marketing with other authors. This is for the author who doesn’t have a marketing plan and wants to create his or her own without going crazy. Fans of Mark Dawson, Nick Stephenson, Rebecca Hamilton, Barbara Vey or Tim Grahl nonfiction will love this book.

“Lots of great advice on setting up an author email list, including discussion about what free gift to offer people in exchange for a subscription, what to include in a welcome series of emails, and what to write about in your newsletter.“ GoodReaders Reviewer 


“This book has a lot of really good ideas and helpful hints for authors looking to build a brand, newsletter and blog.” – GoodReads Reviewer

“I’ve basically considered myself well exposed on the internet for some time now. I’ve got a blog on both BlogSpot and on WordPress these days. I’ve got an account on Twitter, with two on FaceBook [regular and fan based], and also on AuthorsDen. Yet the one thing I haven’t tried to do yet is to set up a newsletter. Perhaps it might have something to my currently lacking the gumption to have one.

I found Ms. Pinder’s informative non-fiction endeavor to be quite useful in having her readers to seriously consider setting one up so they might consider setting one up for their own use. 

Since Ms. Pinder is an author herself, who’s been through the marketing process of promoting a book, she knows how to communicate the importance of having a newsletter and to describe the process in creating one in an easy to understand manner, starting from the basic foundation in having one, along with considerations of what to include as far as having the right features for it and its design.

It can be quite cumbersome to keep in constant and timely contact with one’s followers so they don’t feel forgotten and at the same time feel being engaged in conversation, etc. by the author. A newsletter is one way of handling and make sure follow-up contacts are done on a timely basis through the use of automated emails which Ms. Pinder has made sure to include.

After reading this book I feel I’ve gotten enough information to attempt to create one myself, all I need to do is to find the time. So, in having given her readers what can be considered a soup to nuts guide in setting up a newsletter I’ve decided to give Ms. Pinder 5 STARS.” GoodReads Reviewer

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