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The Apple Orchard Murders

Length: 219 pages3 hours


Dick Burton is awoken from a drunken stupor by a phone call from his eccentric friend, Percy Pumpernickel, aka The Minister, aka Dude or Duke. Percy has been arrested along with a local character named Shady Slim. They’re both suspects in the murder of Clyde Hankey, a resident of the small mountain town of West Point California.
Dick, who has been drunk for the last year mourning for the love of his life Dolores, sobers up and heads for West Point to help his friend.
Along the way, he picks up Butch Cassidy and Sundance Balls who were - with the encouragement of Daddy Balls - off to join the Carnival.
After arriving at West Point, he meets the zany elderly twin sisters Zelda and Daisy Byrd. The Byrd sisters are the owners and operators of the Rattlesnake Cafe. They are the local pot dealers and partners with Shady Slim, aka Filo Fountain.
Slim and Percy were together - with no alibi - at the time of Clyde’s death. They are prime suspects because Clyde worked for Slim and he was killed on Slims property.
Carson Porter the local Deputy Sheriff, and Slims ex-brother-in-law is out to get him because he blames Slim for his sister’s death years ago.
Dick allies with Zelda and Daisy - claiming he is an unlicensed Private Investigator - and sets out trying to solve the murder of Clyde Hankey.
With the help of Dick’s brother, Fred Burton, and family friend Stephen Johnson, Dick, Slim and Percy set out to find the killer.
As their investigation unfolds, it seems every person of interest disappears as the bodies start piling up.

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