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From Bedlam to Ben

Length: 51 pages46 minutes


If you like stories of struggle and transformation, read this story about Ben. Ben is not fully human, is considered a second-class citizen, and is distrusted for the very characteristics that were built into his psyche. Can Ben even truly have a psyche? He's been told all of his life that he doesn't even have genuine feelings. Yet Norrie seems to believe he does. With her upbringing, Norrie has learned to respect the special class of being that Ben is. However, in a society that distrusts him and treats him as inferior while at the same time fearing him, Ben is often in fight or flight mode. In a time of distress, Ben must choose between two drastically different paths, while realizing what he now stands to lose. Will he simply accept that he was just built to react this way, or can he break out of the patterns already established in his life? This story contains characters from a series, but can be read as a stand alone.

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