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To Live is to Fight

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To Live is to Fight is a collection of four fictional short stories that have been written throughout Amber's college career. Each short story has unique characters, genres, and topics discussed.

The first three are flash fictions, meaning stories that are under 1,000 words. The first of these stories is a horror story that deals with the unknown circumstances of a teenage girl's death. The second is a motivational piece that describes the everyday struggle of following one's dreams. And finally, the third is a suspense/thriller type tale that revolved around the unknown of the sea.

Ending the book, the last adventure is a short story. It does not fit the same description as a flash fiction because the length is considerably longer, but the story is no less engaging. This is the fictional account of two college students who face tragedy due to issues that we, as readers and as people, see transpire every single day.

Although all four short stories differ greatly from one another, they do share a common theme: The unexpected struggles that life can dish out and how one's actions can determine the outcome.

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