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White Sex Slaves

Length: 23 pages20 minutes


Privileged wife Hannah and her daughter Clare lived a life of luxury as rich Englishwomen in Africa. They were unaware of the constant eyes upon them. Jerome, their Kenyan manservant saw them only as chattels and he had a plan to get his hands on them, as well as making a healthy profit.


Did you know your daughter was a virgin?” Jerome’s hands dropped down the girl’s tightly wound torso to stroke her hips. “That is very valuable to us.”

Hannah looked on with anguish in her eyes. “Please don’t,” she repeated. “Take me instead.”

Jerome stepped out from behind the daughter and focused on the mum. “I’m sorry, Mrs Cunningham. I didn’t quite catch that. Could you repeat it for me?” He beamed at the two guards.

“Please have me and leave my daughter alone!” Hannah spoke a little more defiantly, determined now to get her way, however unpalatable that was.

“You know we can have you both,” Jerome smiled and Hannah noted with horror his use of the word we. “You need to be very sure you can keep us satisfied.”

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