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The Art of Happiness

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Francis Rous (1579–1659) was a member of the Westminster Assembly, a sound Puritan divine, and highly recognized for his "Art of Happiness," and writings against Arminianism.

Who doesn't want to be happy? "Are you happy?" Rous masterfully explains how man may attain true and eternal happiness. He expounds multiple Scriptural passages in order to be skilled in the “Art of Happiness.”

He teaches the Christian how to discern true happiness, how to gain happiness, how to keep happiness, and how to cultivate happiness; especially by those who may be depressed or despondent. Here the Christian should not only be content to get this happiness, but there must be in them an insatiable desire to forever increase it, and never to lose it. Rous shows that the Spirit of God is the fiery chariot that carries the soul through the way of piety to the country of happiness.

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