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Heaven Is Guiding Me

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Although much has been revealed in other books, it's time for me to share some things hidden for the last two years about the pope, Vatican and battle the world is facing. Words and visions given to me are written as I see/receive them in my head. The visions are described using my words and with knowledge given at the time. Those visions are replaced and words given to me from Heaven. All shared will be in italics with the date I received it. Three dots indicate where some has been omitted. It's easy to see where my words change to theirs. The book describes how I went through what someone told me was akin to the Dark Night of the Soul. I fought head to head battles with Satan himself. Battles so hard they're difficult to describe or expect anyone to understand. He wouldn’t win, because my belief in God's goodness is strong. I know nothing and no one is greater than God. As He told us, faith moves mountains. If faith can move mountains, it can certainly remove Satan and overcome him.

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