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Nisio and Shula

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A restless young man leaves his stark homeland to travel across entire continents. He seeks something he can't define, and after a stint in the circus he moves on, driving camels and wandering with deer hunters. When he meets a startling, isolated woman healer in the far North, he's taken aback—even frightened by her. They're mutually curious, but he disappoints the heartfelt woman by not understanding her work. When their relationship ignites, passion leads to happiness, loss, and danger. The story depicts fear of The Other as well as disorienting spiritual experience and longing for redemption. It's an adventure of two very different spirits, what they choose, and what chooses them.

"Mia Kirsi Stageberg’s fiction has an intense sensuality like Proust, only edgier, stranger." —Geoff Rips, author of award-winning novel The Truth

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