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The Nefairyous Saga: Welcome to Lily Port
The Nefairyous Saga: Welcome to Lily Port
The Nefairyous Saga: Welcome to Lily Port
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The Nefairyous Saga: Welcome to Lily Port

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About this ebook

A single event can change the lives of so many people forever. For Lincoln Holchester, his friends and family, this event was the kidnapping and brutal murder of his sons. Unfortunately for him, this was only the beginning of his torment, however, as the perpetrator of this crime was revealed to be the most prolific serial killer of modern times - the infamous Wishbone killer. Wishbone continues to torture Lincoln to this day, but the grieving father fights back by forming a team of consultant detectives whose sole purpose is to hunt down the monstrous murderer. With the help of his best friend, Dean “Ung” Skarsgard, former police detective Ridley Skarsgard and technical genius Harry Romstein, Lincoln will stop at nothing to bring Wishbone to justice.

Our story begins after years of Wishbone being inactive. The FBI have been called to a small, picturesque town, Lily Port, where a series of murders that match the modus operandi of the dormant killer have been committed. Lincoln and his team are brought onto the case to help find the killer and bring an end to his latest killing spree. However, in order to do so, the team will need to embark on an adventure that will uncover the secrets of the mysterious town of Lily Port and its peculiar inhabitants. To catch their prey, they will need to uncover his origin and connection to this mysterious town. Will they finally manage to do so or will the hunters become the hunted in this dark game of cat and mouse?

“Welcome to Lily Port” is the first in a series of fictional short stories each of which is part of “the Nefairyous Saga”. This is a collection of dark “fairy tales” that together form an epic saga that introduces interesting characters and gripping story-lines that will keep readers guessing at every turn. Be sure to look out for more information on the other stories in this series in the final pages of this book.

Release dateAug 7, 2016
The Nefairyous Saga: Welcome to Lily Port
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Brenton Tenner

I am a devoted husband and father and a life-long geek. My passions and hobbies range from video games, series and movies to reading and software development. My goal was always to become a video game developer but that dream got lost somewhere along the way. After completing my studies, I became a software developer specializing in business systems development. I have a BSc degree in both Computer Science and Mathematics and an Honors degree in Computer Science.After spending more than a decade in the world of software development and achieving great success in that area, I took a step back to reflect. I came to the realization that despite having had a great career thus far, I had lost sight of what made me passionate as a kid. I then picked up mobile video game development as a hobby and developed some indie games for the Google Play Store. Although I really enjoyed the whole indie "vibe", I came to realize that my true passion was not in the programming side of video game development, but what really drove me was creating and developing stories and interesting, unique characters. It all made sense: the common thread that existed in all my passions and interests was not software development or anything like that, it was story telling.That brings me to where I am now: a father, a husband, a geek, a couch potato, a software developer and an aspiring author who hopes to bring fantastical, fictional tales to the world. As a fan of series and graphic novels / comics, I have chosen to write my tales as short-stories that the reader can finish quite quickly - similar to the concept of a season of a television series. My goal is to release each subsequent issue within a short amount of time so that the readers constantly have something to sink their teeth into without long gaps between the release of the books.I aim for my work to be like my favorite video games, graphic novels, series, etc: suspenseful, gripping, shocking, character-driven and not for the faint of heart and I truly hope that anyone who does me the honor of reading them not only enjoys them but can't wait to get hold of the next one.

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    The Nefairyous Saga - Brenton Tenner

    The Nefairyous Saga: Welcome to Lily Port

    Issue 1 of the Nefairyous Saga series

    Created by Brenton Tenner

    Distributed by Smashwords

    Copyright 2016 Brenton Tenner

    Smashwords Edition, License Notes

    Thank you for downloading this ebook. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, Brenton Brian Tenner, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy from their favourite authorized retailer. Thank you for your support.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 - Enter Wishbone

    Chapter 2 - The good doctor

    Chapter 3 - The briefing

    Chapter 4 - The eyes that haunt them

    Chapter 5 - The vengeful dragon

    Chapter 6 - Families and flames

    Chapter 7 - The copycat

    Chapter 8 - Guardian angels

    Chapter 9 - Catch a tiger by its toe

    Chapter 10 - Something wicked this way comes

    Epilogue - The Master’s monarchy

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    Chapter 1 - Enter Wishbone

    Vroom, vroom! Oh yeah! These bikes are so awesome! Two young boys are playing with their toy motorbikes. The older of the two is a skinny child whose dark brown eyes light up as he wheelies his little bike. It's just like his father's bike and all he has ever wanted is to be like his dad. The younger boy is his brother – a quieter, more reserved boy. He does not seem to be enjoying this as much as his older brother. He is staring across the park at a family playing football. He recognises the children - he knows them from school. The kids spot him and he quickly looks away. They start to laugh amongst themselves and jog over to where the brothers are playing.

    Well, well, if it isn't the Holchesters, says one of the kids mockingly. What are you nerds doing here? Playing with your little toys, ha ha! You guys are so lame. Let me see that! says the kid and snatches the bike away from the older brother.

    The younger brother stands up and shouts at the kid: Leave us alone Thad and give LJ his bike back!

    Thad shoves the younger brother down You shut your face little Macey! Ha ha, such losers!

    You leave him alone you lard-ass! says the older brother, LJ, angrily as he leaps towards Thad and punches him square in the face.

    Thad rubs his jaw and smiles: You are going to regret that Holchester. Thad and his two brothers launch themselves at the Holchester brothers and start to beat them mercilessly.

    The man who was playing football with the bullies runs over shouting: Whoa, whoa, whoa boys! What's going on here?

    These are those Holchester punks we were telling you about Papa, the ones whose dad is in that lame biker club. They think they are so cool but they're just two losers.

    Well they have that in common with their dad then and they probably had this coming, little shits. Don't waste your time on them son, we have better things to do, says the father with a menacing grin on his face as he and his sons turn and walk away laughing.

    LJ and his younger brother Mason are lying there, fading in and out of consciousness, barely able to move. Blood is gushing from Mason's nose and he has a split lip. LJ has a nasty gash above his eye where Thad kicked him. They see Thad and his family in the distance playing football again, like nothing ever happened. Two men walk over to them, one is wearing a hood and his entire body is covered in clothing – which is odd since it is a blistering hot summer's day in Valley Creek.

    Are you boys alright? What happened here? The boys turn to see a man standing over them, wiping the blood from their faces. Now don't fret lads, I'm just going to take you to my van so that I can take you back to your parents. Are they close by?

    They... are... there... gasps LJ as he points to a house across from the park.

    Ok, my van is closer so I will carry you both there and then take you to them. Here we go, HUM! the man slings each boy over one of his shoulders and takes them to a navy blue van parked nearby.

    LJ notices a mark on the man's shoulder, partially covered by his jacket. It looks like a helmet similar to the ones the knights wear in his favourite video game. He hears the van door slide open.

    Here you go lads, you're safe now. The man places the boys in the van and they hear the van door slam shut.

    - - – --- ----- -------- ----- --- – - -

    LJ! Mason! Where could these boys have got to? Are you sure Sam said he saw them in the park, Ung?

    Yeah, I'm sure, Linc. He said they were right here under the big oak. LJ! Mason!

    Hey! Ung! Look over there! Are those people laying on the ground? The two men sprint over to a beautiful open patch of grass with some shrubbery surrounding it. They see blood leading towards two bodies: a man and a woman.

    Shit! Linc, they're fuckin dead! Hey, isn't that John and Lindsay Smithson? Oh shit, it is them. We've got to call the cops Linc! Linc! Linc... are you okay? What are you looking at?

    The man with short, dark hair – Linc – is kneeling beside the bodies. He has blood on the palms of his hands. The blood is coming from a small object that he is holding.

    It's Mase's shell... it's covered in... blood.

    Linc, I'm calling Ridley man. The man with the longer dark hair and piercing green eyes – Ung – picks up his phone and starts to call someone.

    Linc is staring at the shell that belongs to his son, Mason. He sees an object that has been stuck in the hole at the bottom of the shell. He slowly removes it, holds it up and examines it closely. It's a wishbone. It looks like it came from some sort of bird or fowl – a chicken perhaps? Linc drops the object and his face turns as pale white as that of John Smithson's corpse beside him. He remembers something he saw on the news a few days before. A prolific serial killer was being hunted by the police. This killer has been eluding authorities for years and they still have no leads. They referred to him as the Wishbone killer due to his signature: a wishbone which he would lodge somewhere in the body of his victims – usually the eyes or throat. Could this be the same psycho's work? He is not a kidnapper though, so where are Mason and LJ?

    Ridley's on her way, Linc. She said don't touch any... oh I see it's too late for that. Linc... Linc talk to me, please. Ung gets down on one knee and puts his hand on his best friend's shoulder. Linc is holding his head in his hands, sobbing inconsolably.

    Ung hugs him and says: We will find them Linc; I swear to you that we will find your kids and if anyone did anything to them, we will find them too and make them regret it. I swear to you brother... I swear...

    - - – --- ----- -------- ----- --- – - -

    Linc! Goddammit Linc open the fucking door or I'm gonna bust it down!

    Lincoln wakes from his dream. The same dream he has dreamed countless nights over the past decade – the dream of the last day he saw his sons, Lincoln Junior and Mason. The dream of the day he failed them as a father and the day he has been trying to make up for ever since.

    Lincoln stands up and stumbles over to the door. He looks over at the coffee table and sees the empty bottle of whisky and remembers why he feels so shit this morning. At least it made him feel marginally better the night before.

    I'm coming Dean, relax! Lincoln opens the door and his best friend storms inside.

    Dean? You are calling me Dean? Ha ha fuck it, you must be hung-over brother. You never call me that unless you are pissed at me or hung-over.

    Ok, ok, just keep it down Ung, please, I feel like I have been hit by a freight train.

    Well Linc, here's something to sober your ass up – we have been asked to assist the F-B-fucking-I on a case and we need to get going ASAP.

    But we just closed a case Ung, we don't need the cash. Let's take a break on this one. Or why don't you, Ridley and Harry handle it – I'll sit this one out.

    I thought you might say that says Ung with a grin on his face. However, I think you might change your mind when you see this. Ung hands Lincoln a folder. Lincoln reluctantly opens it and pages through it. He grabs a photo and drops the folder – papers scatter across his living room floor.

    Are you sure about this Ung? Lincoln asks excitedly.

    As sure as I am handsome, brother.

    Give me 5, I'll meet you downstairs, says Lincoln as he drops the photo and dashes off to his bathroom to grab a quick shower.

    The photo lands on top of a smashed photo frame. The frame holds a picture of a much younger Lincoln, his three sons and his wife.

    Ung looks over at the photo and mutters softly to himself: I hope this is the last time I ever have to see one of those goddam Wishbones. Ung leaves the apartment to wait for Lincoln downstairs.

    Chapter 2 - The good doctor

    The attractive brunette hangs up her phone with a sombre look on her near perfect face. She was always the most beautiful girl in Valley Creek growing up... until that day. She often wonders what her life would've been like if it never happened and she was never given this horrible scar across her face. Would he have loved her then? Would he have chosen her instead of his wife?

    The silence is broken by a cheerful young man with a chiselled jaw and a twinkle in his eye that jogs over to the brunette: Hey Rid, who was that on the phone?

    Oh... hey Harry I forgot you were here... says the brunette, Ridley, without paying the young man, Harry, much attention.

    Geez, you sure know how to make a guy feel special, retorts Harry with a stupid grin on his face.

    Harry sees that Ridley is not in the mood for his usual charm. There is clearly something troubling her and he knows it must be something bad because Ridley is the toughest person that he knows. As soon as he met her 18 months ago he knew she was special. 6 months later he joined her team of detective consultants and since then they have seen some pretty gruesome and disturbing things that deeply affected the rest of the team – but not Ridley. She was like stone – unflinching and unaffected by the death that surrounded her.

    Rid... Rid? Are you ok? Who was that?

    Ridley looks up at Harry and he notices a tear in her eye. Harry puts his arm around Ridley and she moves closer to him, "it was my

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