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The Crystal Ship: The Tudor Queen's Glassmaker Series, #2

377 pages6 hours


One good turn deserves another - fate doesn't agree!

Jacob Bell, the Tudor Queen's Glassmaker, helps Admiral John Hawkins in a battle against Catholic Plotters led by CVount Ridolfi. Drawing on all their resources of boldness, courage and cunning, they carry throuygh an audacioud plan to free Hawkins's men from the clutches of the dreasded Spanish Inquisition.

Jacob and his powerfulk new ship, The Crystal designed by Admiral Hawkins, are sent on a secreet mission to Venice. With his untrierd shipo, he is draswn into an encounter with the all-conquering Ottoman galley fleet, which threatens all their lives, as well as the existence of Venice itself.Through Intigue, gun-smoke and bloodt warfare, Jacob fights to thwart the plotters and begin a new life with his love, Maria.

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