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Come Eat at My Table: What a Difference a Year Makes, #1

Length: 208 pages3 hours


Forgiveness is a word and a concept many people are not truly familiar with in the depths of their souls.

The first stand-alone novel in the series What a Difference a Year Makes

Karin is a woman with a past. About the time she thinks no one will ever know, it comes back to haunt her. The deeper she tries to push it away the more prominently it returns. Forgiveness is a word that isn’t in her vocabulary as far as the people from her past are concerned.  She thinks she's fine until someone from her past shows up unexpectedly forcing her to think about what happened. With the help of her family and other people around her she realizes that she must learn to forgive, even if forgiveness wasn't asked of her.

This is a book for everyone in their teens and up. While everyone may not have the exact same issues Karin has, many of us do have a lack of forgiving in our lives. I hope readers will walk away from this book, willing to forgive those who have yet to ask forgiveness and step into a much more fulfilling life.

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