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Flight of the Dragon King: The Continuum, #2

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Flight of the Dragon King is part 2 of The Continuum paranormal serial romance by NY Times bestselling author, Dawn Michelle.

Cole was a bouncer. Four years of college and he worked a night club protecting drunks from themselves and teasing women from scorned lovers. He had a long ways to go in life, but no real leads. A trip to Las Vegas seemed like just the ticket.

He'd been to Vegas before, but he'd never seen it like this. A green eyed woman took his breath away, then the brush of a blond woman's hand left him seeing visions he couldn't explain. Ever the lady's man, Cole didn't know enough to turn back.

Waking up in a strange room tied to a chair with boarded over windows might not have been the strangest thing he'd ever experienced. The Russian interrogator that came in to question him, however, was. Even that paled in comparison to what came next.

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