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Back to You

52 pages45 minutes


Short Read; 50 pp

Twenty years ago the entire town of Haven hired Samantha Presley to babysit Tony Mancini (a.k.a. Tony the Town Terror). Now he’s back as the town’s pediatrician and the single ladies find him terrifying in a whole new way: He’s gorgeous, he’s good with kids, and he knows exactly what he wants out of life.

Tony isn’t too surprised to discover he still has feelings for his long-ago babysitter. What’s a four-year age difference to a man who knew his heart at the tender age of eight? But Samantha won’t take him seriously.

Just when Samantha is ready to take an important new step in her life Tony, the spirited boy she used to babysit, and her ex-husband Brad come back to teach her about old dreams and new realities. 

Short Read; about 50 pages (reduced cast of secondary characters and faster resolution)

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