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Two Cons, Some Clowns, and a Cop

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When two convicts who were “volunteered” to do a messy clean-up in the home of a tycoon a state senator wants to cultivate are annoyingly mistreated they pretend to escape from a work detail to panic all those involved in illegally using and abusing them with the fear of official investigations and news attention.
The pair find a nearby shopping mall bustling with high school band competitors, pickpockets, Keystone Cops, circus clowns, and other clowns (some costumed, some not) that they end up trying to avoid, use, or hide behind - while repeatedly changing their appearance enough to avoid those looking for them.
There they must also deal with the bumbling cop who originally arrested them and who has a personal grudge against them for embarrassment he suffered because of how he did that.
The tycoon’s haughty elderly neighbor becomes a nuisance and then a threat so they engineer special payback for her.
The lives of the senator, the prison warden, the prison guard in charge of them, the tycoon, the pushy neighbor, and the cop will never be quite the same.

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