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This book is dedicated

to my cousin Balbina

and my niece Mary

both whom

died suddenly

during the creation

of this book.

And to my husband

and my readers:

Thank you

for all your

valued support.

Writing these books

has been

quite a journey

and I am so glad

to have the love

and support of

all of you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

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None of us have the answers to the true meaning of life. If you have ever had that moment when the hair raises on the back of your neck, or your pets seem disturbed by some unseen entity, then you know what I was trying to convey in, The Aftermath, Book IV, and The Holidays, Book V. There are times in all of our lives when we pick up a book, an article or item found in a drawer, when we are reminded of the loved ones that have passed before us. It is at those times that I would like to think that they are still with us, giving us gentle reminders and encouraging us.

This book took me to places I wasn't planning on going.

I want to say a special thanks to Tara Copsy for subscribing to my website and offering her editing skills in this book. Thank you Tara, your continued support is appreciated.

I also want to include a big thank you to some Facebook friends who participated in a little issue I was having with some vocabulary! I really appreciate when people fearlessly jump in with an opinion and a helpful heart. So thank you, Carrie Little Bird Miller, Grace Harper, Tonya Morton Jones, Roni O'Connell, and Samantha Walker. Thank you ladies!

In the realm of spiritual beings, I recently met someone online who seemed to embody all the love and support I needed at that precise moment and then they vanished as quickly and quietly as they appeared.

So a quick note to everyone: never stop being amazed, never stop believing, and just know your guardian angel is looking out for you. It might not be in the guise you recognize, but if you’re open, you will feel their touch.

Most importantly, I wanted to convey how we touch each other’s lives.

There is no act of kindness that is too small or unnecessary.

Thank you Devika Fernando for you support throughout. Indie authors need to stick together for support through thick and thin.

Also, special thanks, to Shadrach Del'monte who continued to make pictorial reviews of his own accord. Each one is one is priceless and unique depiction that shows this author that my work has meaning.

So whether you are always present to like a post on Facebook, make a comment or Retweet on Twitter, I want to thank all of my online friends that show support every day, without your help I wouldn't find the courage to go on writing: to all my readers and: Carly's Comets, Cathy Tufano, Devika Fernando, Shadrach Del'Monte, Dawn Shepard, Michelle Greer, Jessica Iskey, Joanne Keniston, Marie McKenney, Susan Gabryszewski, Tammie Leisy, and PS Winn! If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. Every single gesture means so much, and for that, I thank you all.

Pictorial Review

Learn more about the artist: delmonte1.wixsite.com/shadrachdelmonte

The imagery here is stunning. Book 5 takes on another twist all while juggling the aforementioned storyline; Compass delves into the dark realm of BDSM. Shadrach chose a very vulnerable picture of Anne Hathaway to depict Gina Parrots vulnerability to perfection. Michael Fassbender as Reggie Miller is equally captivating as you see the reluctance and ambivalence he feels from the situation he is now in. The cuffs centrally located with glints of light shooting off remind the reader of the power and electricity between the two. Bravo and thank you, Shadrach Del'Monte for another job well done.

Here is how the review appears in print:




The Electric current still sizzles in, Holiday Book 5! We find the widow, Gina Parrot in over her head with a cast of suspicious characters; the stripper, Carlotta Vanburen and the mysterious businessman, Don Redmen are wining and dining her, whisking her away to the luxurious world of the rich and famous. The question is why? Detective Casey has some ideas and with the help of FBI Agent Charles, he means to solve the mystery of the Gardening Website that proves with a little digging to be anything but organic. Can Brad and Vladimir now defending their lives in the spiritual realm save Gina and expose the truth of how they both died, in this paranormal adventure that leads to an international crime syndicate.

Chapter 5-1

Chinese Herbalist

Gina called her in-laws and spoke with the kids. They were so excited to be going back home that night. She promised them a pizza from their favorite restaurant! When she disconnected from the call her phone started ringing.


Hello Gina. I've been waiting for your call.

Oh Gene, I am so sorry. I haven't been feeling well and we are headed over to the Chinese Herbalist.

What are you going to do there?

Acupuncture, tea, you know.

No, actually I don't. What are your plans for the weekend?

I'm picking up the kids and taking them home tonight.

When do I get to see you again?

That is going to be tricky. These past four days were like a whirlwind fantasy for me. I don't go out. I get up and get the kids off to school. Go to work. Pick the kids up, check their homework, and make them dinner. Then it's baths and bed. On the weekends it's usually grocery shopping, laundry and catch up on cleaning. You know all this. You have six kids, right? Gina asked feeling overwhelmed at the realization that she would be doing all those things alone, without Brad.

Right, Right, Gene said, and then added, Get a babysitter.

I never leave my kids with a babysitter. This has been the longest I have been away from my kids since they were born. And to tell you the truth, I'm questioning that decision because they are mourning the loss of their father and I am mourning the loss of my husband.

Well, I would like to buy the kids something for Christmas. What can I get them?

Oh that isn't necessary, besides you have to buy for your own kids.

Let me do this for them, Gene insisted.

Gina started to roll her eyes at Carlotta.

Carlotta picked up the cue and said, Come Gina, we have to go.

Gene, I have to go. Can I call you this weekend?

I guess, Gene said, disheartened.

I'm sorry. Things will settle down soon, Gina said disconnecting the call.

I shouldn't have taken this phone from Gene, Gina said, looking at Carlotta.

Don't worry about it honey. We can get you a new phone. All in good time.

But Reggie has this number, Gina said, in a panic. And then shook herself and said, I've got to get over this fantasy, Carlotta. This morning I could have stayed in that man's arms forever, forgetting my kids, my life and everything.

Oh honey! It sounds like you're in love!

It does, doesn't it? Gina said astounded. I can't do this. I can't be in love with the millionaire playboy. He doesn't have any room in his life for my four kids and me. I feel like I just complicated everything. I had enough to deal with, mourning the loss of my husband. You know he promised me money. Do you think he will still give it to me?

I'll make sure he does.



What is Don going to do?

Don will see that you get the money.

Really? He also said he would help me find a job and that he had this lawyer. I hope he calls me, Gina said as the driver pulled up to the Chinese Herbalist.

Why don't you have some tea up in the restaurant, while we see the herbalist, Carlotta suggested to Stanley. We'll meet you up there when we are through.

Okay, Stanley said, as Carlotta closed the door and they entered the establishment.

After an hour of waiting Gina was finally called in.

My name is Lyn. My father is ill. He is too ill to see patients. I will take care of you now, Ms. Lyn said, in her heavy Chinese accent, as Gina walked through the beaded curtain clicked together, making that familiar sound.

Nice to meet you, Gina said as she took a seat.

Ms. Lyn looked Gina over and said, You need, detox! You take drugs.

No I don't, Gina protested.

You eyes dilated. You take speed, amphetamine!

Honestly. I don't take drugs. Look at my file. I have been seeing your father for a year.

Someone make you food? Someone make you drinks? They drug you?

Really, Gina said incredulously, thinking that it was quite possible.

Well that could be why I am here, because I feel very sick and weak.

Okay, lay down on table. I will give you acupuncture and give you prescription for tea. Don't eat and drink with these people any more.

Okay, Gina said getting up on the table. Ms. Lyn proceeded to stick the needles in, as Gina lay prone.

Chapter 5-2


Gina exited the acupuncture room feeling relaxed, but still quite uneasy as she met Carlotta at the prescription counter. She handed the sheet to the attendants to make up the parcels and said, The Herbalist said my eyes are dilated and that I am on speed. You do realize, Carlotta, that I have Systemic Sclerosis, right?

Mm, to tell you the truth, I forgot about that. How is that going?

Not well, obviously. I can't keep up this pace.

Go home and get some rest honey. You will feel better.

That's just it. I won't get any rest when I get home. You know I have to take care of four kids, right? Gina asked, as the attendants handed her the packages of tea. And I have to get into work on Monday. I just feel so lousy.

Let's go upstairs and have a nice meal and then I'll send you on your way home, Carlotta suggested putting an arm around Gina leading her to the cashier.

I'm going to have to meet with Detective Casey tonight too, Gina said as she paid the cashier.

Go on up to the restaurant honey. I have to use the restroom. Stanley is waiting for us up there. Order us some tea. I'll be right up, Carlotta insisted, as Gina went up the stairs to meet with Stanley.


Carlotta quickly pulled out her phone and dialed Don's number as she ducked under the staircase.


Hey Don, It's me. Look I haven't had a chance to tell you, but you have to act fast. That Detective Casey has found your website and they handed it over to the FBI. An Agent Charles is handling the case and Gina is meeting with Detective Casey this evening.

What! Don shouted into the phone. You should have told me this sooner.

I'm telling you now.

Okay, I'll get on it, Don said, as he disconnected the call. Don dialed his website developer quick and started barking out orders.


Carlotta went up the stairs to join, Stanley and Gina. After a pleasant and relaxing Dim sum, Stanley drove the women to Carlotta's Condo.

Thank you Stanley, The women said as he handed them their bags.

Once back at the condo, Gina gathered the treasures she had accumulated in the past few days and packed everything up and said, I'm going to need some help getting this all down to my van. I can't believe how much stuff I accumulated. Thank you so much, Carlotta for taking me out and helping me through this. I wish I felt better and I'm sorry if I was a little short with you.

Think nothing of it, Carlotta said taking up four bags and grabbing her keys to escort Gina to the parking garage.

How am I going to hide the presents from the kids, Gina wondered as she organized the van's cargo space, leaving enough room for the kid's luggage.

Are you kidding? Since when have you seen kids notice anything that isn't relevant to them? Why don't you try asking them for help with the luggage? That will clear the room in two seconds flat. Carlotta mused, holding her arms open to give Gina a parting hug.

After a strong embrace in farewell, Carlotta sashayed back to the elevator, as only a woman in 6-inch heels could do. Gina got in the van and started her drive back to her life, all the while thinking of each step she had to take. The laundry list of details kept her occupied on the ride back