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Lindsey, The Bionic Detective: Spike, the Rise of the Machine

Length: 262 pages3 hours


Upon, Investigating a murder lead provided, by the spike machine, Lindsey and Sergeant Garcia come face to face with a devious and cunning killer. Sergeant Garcia becomes obsessed in catching the killer because he knows the killer is not what he seems. It gets personal when Sergeant Garcia realizes the killer will not face justice. The tension increases as Sergeant Garcia nearly gets thrown into an alien nuclear core by two Venetian aliens that hit like a rock.

The Middle East erupts into war caused by a first strike nuclear attack from Libya by the jihad. Two prophets return to save Israel. Fire and giant hail stone drive back the approaching army. However, they are not discouraged. In an epic battle between good and evil, a death blow is about to be struck by the jihad and the savior must return to save, his people.

In North America, the jihad and pharaoh army have combined to fight the six lamanite nations. A hero returns, he leads his people to the promise land, and in a surprise ending gains victory. The long ordeal comes to end at the banks of the Mississippi.

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