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The 4 Pillars that Builds a Successful Ministry

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Ministry is a divine Call that MUST NOT be taken with levity, because it is an ASSIGNMENT given by God to liberate men from the yoke of the devil and that which enslaves men that man may live in the FULL purpose of God for his life.
But alas, this is NOT so. People enter into the ministry without any call and they wonder why they are NOT successful.
There is ALWAYS a pattern that makes a successful ministry possible and that is by BUILDING ACCORDING TO GOD'S ORDAINED PATTERN.
what is God's ordained pattern? what does it take to succeed in Ministry?
This book unveils the secret that build a successive successful ministry of which the Author had experienced and still does.
In the book, you will learn:
1.what it takes to have a successful ministry.
2. How to build according to God's pattern and be successful.
3. The Principal patterns laid by God to have a successful ministry.
4. The 4 Pillars that you NEED to put in place in your ministry to be successful and to last for a lifetime.
5. About the VISIONS the Lord gave the Author to build a successful ministry which every ministry called by God ought to follow.
6. How to do an EFFECTIVE CRUSADE that would sickle in thousands to Christ.
7. How to build a powerful ministry and maintain it and lots more.
This book is NOT meant for the slothful in ministry or for those who just come to test it for business.
This book is meant for those who have been called INDEED by God, have passion for God and are doing everything they know to grow the work and are struggling to build and showing no fruit or result for their labour.
It is meant for those who have lost their way in ministry and to show them the way out!
it is meant for the diligent and matured men and women who have passion for God's work and looking for God's revival READY to PAY THE PRICE for His power to come once more.
It is for EVERY BELIEVER called into the VINEYARD of the Lord.

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