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Dream Psycles : A New Awakening In Hypnosis

395 pages10 hours


If you are looking for a single book packaging everything you need to practice hypnosis, look no further! This is THE definitive handbook on hypnosis, covering everything from theory to technique. Dream Psycles is loaded with practical applications and sample scripts to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome fears, control pain, raise confidence, spark creativity, gain wealth, and, much more! This book even includes sections on age regression and the secrets of stage hypnosis!

As a handbook, you do not have to read it cover-to-cover before realizing the benefits of hypnosis. The content is presented so clearly that you will almost certainly experience a "Ah-ha!" moment of self-enlightenment and transformation with each section you read; collectively, the sections provide all the tools you need to succeed.

Even if you never practice the art of hypnosis, simply reading this book will have a profound impact on how you perceive and overcome all of life's challenges in the future!

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