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Word Dances III: Celebration

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Life is a dance—celebrate it! Word Dances III: Celebration, by ballroom dancer and author Joe Sepesy, seeks to infuse your life with joy through verses and thoughts, providing inspiration to carry you onto the floor of your life for your own celebration of social ballroom dancing.

This, Joe’s third collection of writing on dance, demonstrates how his dance experiences continue to inspire, touching dancers and nondancers alike. Explore the world of music and movement with descriptions, observations, and opinions about the joys of dancing. Take a tour of the ballroom and its classical ambiance, with a continuation of the learning process, and, of course, the dances and the music. As a bonus, enjoy the included list of more than three hundred songs with the best dance-ability for social ballroom dancing. Join in, read, and dance—create and feel your own celebration!

This collection of verses and prose, the third in a series, offers further insight into the passion of ballroom dancing.

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