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Jesus Would Be a Democrat

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Read His lips! Here we look at Jesus’ own words to see what He stood for. Both what Jesus said and those topics on which He was (intentionally?) silent. We begin with every recorded word Jesus said, not a select few chosen to prove our point.
In American politics, the moral high ground has been claimed by the Republican party. We are all familiar with the “Religious Right”. There is no such thing as the “Religious Left”. The implication is that if one is “religious” then one must be “Right” and Republican.
But is this Republican claim of moral superiority and Biblical correctness supported by the Bible and by what Jesus said? If Christians follow the teaching of Christ, what does Christ actually teach?
Here is an analysis of Christ’s teachings – comprehensively and non-selectively. Jesus’ teachings clearly show his priorities. Repeatedly Jesus’ teachings and priorities align themselves most closely with the priorities of the Democratic party showing clearly on which side Jesus would have been.

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