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Reaching the Heart and Mind of Muslims

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Islam is a religion of hate and the sword. All Muslims are potential terrorists to be avoided. Unfortunately too many westerners hold these thoughts. It is unfortunate because a major consequence of holding these views is that westerner respond with hate and fear toward all Muslims. Reaching out to Muslims is either avoided or is done with an attitude of showing the superiority of western Christian culture over Islamic culture and religion. Debate becomes the mode of interacting with Muslims,

This book is not a cookbook on how to debate Muslims, show the weaknesses in the Qur'an, or critique hadith, It is a book on how to love Muslims and even in the face of the tragedies inflicted by delusional Muslims take the brave step of reaching out to Muslims in friendship. It also looks at traditional models Christians have used to reach out to Muslims and analyzes each model for its strengths and weaknesses. An alternative to all these models and their strategies and tactics is built on facing reality head on as it is, changing beliefs that make our outreach ineffectual and emotionally painful, and accept the uniqueness of individual Muslims.

This short book is certainly not what you would expect to hear on FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, etc. The book is challenging, sometimes provoking, but always thoughtful. The author has doctorates in philosophy and psychology and has worked as a psychotherapist and professor. So expect the approach to be logical and emotional, always considering how to best reach the mind and heart of the unique Muslim in our midst.

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