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Not the Red Baron: One Pilot's Love Story

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'Not the Red Baron' chronicles the life of civilian display pilot Robin Bowes, who flew a replica Fokker triplane in the guise of the Red Baron at airshows across the UK, Ireland and the Continent between 1983 to 1995.

A working-class London boy, Robin grew up in post-war London and the Mediterranean island of Malta. When he moved with his family to Plymouth, Devon, in the early 60s' he worked as a car salesman but was soon making a name for himself racing stock cars and drumming in a local dance band. Self-financed he learned to fly and after gaining his license bought his first plane - an Auster. With sponsorship from a local TV Station, he became a display pilot and was soon earning his living from display flying. Although he was to specialise in flying biplanes, it was his discovery and rebuild of a replica scarlet Fokker triplane that made his name as the man who flew as the Red Baron.

The story of Robin Bowes is a story of love, friendship, dedication and personal courage, plus the unique histories of the aeroplanes he flew.

Not the Red Baron will appeal to those who look skywards at the sound of an aeroplane's engine; those who are fascinated by history; and those who like a good love story. Not the Red Baron is not simply about aeroplanes, it's about the human condition - hope, aspiration, love and loss.

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