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Mermaid No More: Breaking Women's Culture of Sacrifice

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Why do so many women feel they must put other people's needs before their own—even when they don't want to? Why do they often give up what they really want in life, getting so enmeshed in taking care of others that they don't care for themselves?

These are all forms of sacrifice—self-sacrifice, to be specific: of women’s own needs, desires, literally of their selves.

But—you may ask—isn’t self-sacrifice good and noble? And isn’t it inherent in women’s nature to be givers and caretakers?

Stephanie Golden answers: Sometimes... but also NO. Certainly sacrifice can arise from open-hearted, selfless generosity. But the impulse toward excessive self sacrifice comes from women's history, not their nature.

Mermaid No More is a brief ebook updating Slaying the Mermaid: Women and the Culture of Sacrifice, Golden’s earlier book about this issue.

Mermaid No More will help you figure out whether you’re sacrificing more than is good for you (and for everyone around you). It will help you stop doing so. And it will explain how to tell when making a sacrifice is the right thing to do.

Based on new research and reporting, this 7,000-word ebook explains:

•How women historically became the sacrificers for everyone else
•How to tell whether you’re caught in excessive, unhealthy self-sacrifice
•How to stop doing it
•What healthy self-sacrifice looks like

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