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Maya the Midian Woman: Jack Wellington UN Attaché

Length: 263 pages4 hours


In Iraq, a Lt. Colonel Morris is found tortured and killed. Antiquities are found near the body. A Jack Wellington, an Attaché from the UN is called in to recover the items for the Baghdad Museum. In cleaning the item for return to the museum, he finds a camera disk with photos of an ancient Ossuary. Agents from the Mossad, the Vatican, and Riyadh are killing anyone associated information of the box. Jack recovers the box., which contains tablets telling of a woman named Maya cast out of the Exodus and indicates where other tablets telling the woman’s story are hidden. Jack recovers the second box, which gives the story in the voice of Maya on a confrontation with the wife of Eleazar, and Moses which leads to her expulsion from the camp. Soldiers are sent after her in her escape to the east. For three thousand years groups have waited for news of Maya or her descendants and these groups are in pursuit of Jack and the tablets. The sorry culminates in a confrontation in Istanbul. Jack is sent off to Ecuador to help a museum there damaged in an earthquake, but that is the screen play “New Grenada.”

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