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Between Fortune and Fate: Jack Wellington UN Attaché

Length: 188 pages3 hours


Jack Wellington is scheduled to go to Latvia to help an Art Museum. A missing IAEA agent causes concern within the UN. Arriving Jack finds the Art Museum is the last in a chain of events stretching back to WWII. To assure the museum antiquities are preserved he must enlist the help of Latvian Government Officials and ordinary people while dodging bullets from a nest of criminals, spies and assassins. In doing so he also helps a small Holocaust Museum and finds the body of the IAEA agent. There are traces of Polonium-210 and those that killed the agent are now after Jack. But Jack must also be calm, interested, and attentive while his fiancé is on the phone reviewing their wedding plans, and her job is bringing her there, and she is coming with her TV film crew.

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