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Psycho Masked Sex

Length: 91 pages1 hour


Thanks to the flirting, teasing and overall stupidity of the young woman she ends up spending the night being brutally abused and tormented by a real psycho. The masked man who is targeting the woman by long time, will wait her husband going away to one of his business trips overseas.. Whereupon, this sort of sexual psycho is sure to kidnap the protagonist as to rape her repeatedly and on.

“My heart began beating faster and my breath quickened as the fear of what was about to happen grew. My cries were deafening, hurrying him on. Seconds later his rough hands grabbed my wrists and crossed them, circling them with a plastic strip. The binding was swift and brutal, the heavy plastic zip-tie hurt badly but once tightened it could only be cut loose. I felt the plastic tie being slipped around my wrists and pulled tight with a quick hard tug. It made a zipping sound as he threaded and tightened it until it dug painfully into ... I gasped as the plastic tie ... my delicate skin. He noticed my wince as the circulation was almost cut off in my wrists . “Too tight ....? ” I tried tentatively to move my wrists inside the bond but it was unyielding. It allowed no play, every movement sent sharp stabs of pain lancing through my wrists. Simple but terribly effective. I was helpless and in pain, wondering bitterly how long I would have to stay this way.

“What's your name ...?” the masked man then asked me. There was no response, he was still holding me face down on the sofa. “Don't make me ask again ...! What's your ... name?” the man asked again pressing my pretty face even harder onto the sofa, his voice harsh with anger.

“- My name is ......” I managed to sob, my voice was muffled because my face was pressed down onto the sofa; there was fear in my voice.

“That's better .... Now, there's a hard way and an easy way to play this game. Basically this game is one in which we have some fun together and then I.. your snobbish .... Understand?” he whispered, his mouth inches from my ear. I couldn't know, but this ‘game' he referred to was one in which he was very experienced. The man enjoyed all aspects of this strange game; the preparation, the chase, the capture, the rape of his prey. He slowly removed his hands from my shoulders, allowing me to raise my head and gasp for breath. “Are you going to be nice? Or do I have to play rough? It doesn't matter to me, either way I get what I want”. As the man said this he was caressing my hair, and I shivered with fear and revulsion at his touch.

“Please leave! I won't tell anyone! No one will know you were here. Do you want money? I have lots of money!” I said. The man stared at me; I was too scared to look at him; the black mask he wore hid his face and all I could see were his dead eyes. He knew what I did not, that all this, like all his ‘games', has been carefully planned, that he'd been watching me, for quite some time. Everything about me was familiar to him, from the scent I wore, every curve of my body, my work schedule, hobbies, even what books I read and music I listened to were burned into his brain. He had watched my movements, watched and waited for the right opportunity... another one of my husband's long business trips overseas.

“Money? Is that what you think I want stupid ....-teaser? This is no robbery...” as he said this, the man slid his hands down my back, gently cupping my bottom. I could not see that he was smiling behind his mask as he touched my fit body, he could see the outline of my thong through the black leather of my short skirt. His .... started to stir inside his black jeans.

“ You are a t..... ... and you have a nice little ... underneath this sluttish skirt... that's what I want! I want to make you cry as I ... this nice .... of yours. Have you ever been taken up the ..., ....?” he asked as he traced his fingers along my .....

At this I screamed and started to struggle away from him.”


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