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Wayfarer Acceptance

Length: 229 pages3 hours


Adara gives birth! Their daughter arrives early and under less than ideal circumstances. Kidnapped by mercenaries, Decker and Adara escape but she goes into labor. Hal runs the Phoenix and the rescue. Once they retrieve Adara, Decker and the stowaway, they go after the people who paid the mercenaries.

Franklin enlists Jolen and Tillie in a hacking case with the security on Ravena. They track down a hacker who is making gag reels of the security's jobs. Rhia and Bas work a murder case from fifteen years ago. The case was handed off three times by previous investigators. Dead end after dead end stall the case. Rhia takes leave after giving birth to her twins.

The Holy Cross is a private vessel with no real pilot, captain, or engineer. Yet the leader of the religious group believes he can take the ship overloaded with people to their new planet. Adara and Decker try to convince Brother Eisch to take safety precautions all to no avail. His lack of knowledge and experience will end in disaster.

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