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The Determined Bride

Length: 269 pages3 hours


When Brigid McCoy’s father decides she should marry staid, taciturn Eamonn O’Neill, she agrees...not simply because Quinton McCoy wishes it, but because she loves the young gentleman. The only trouble is...Eamonn doesn’t love Brigid, at least he never says so. To her new husband, romance is nonsense, and having a wife is a necessity to supply an heir. The fact he has a mistress doesn’t help.

What’s an ignorant bride to do?

Brigid may be new to the world of marriage but she’s a woman fighting for her man. Using her inborn womanly wiles and the lessons in an ancient book on pornography, she’s determined to make Eamonn realize romance isn’t a fiction but a reality. She going to make him say, “I love you,” and mean it.

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