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Unearthed: With Danger, Love, Conquest, Amidst A Centuries Old Feud

Length: 283 pages4 hours


Unearthed, a Sky Streak of Terror sequel and saga featuring the return of gifted super- soldier Benjamin Jones, and his comrade in arms, Master Sergeant Adrian Wilson. The two heroes are immediately sent into action, after a newly discovered sinkhole results in the mysterious disappearances of an entire costal region's population in the small city of Nomo, Alaska, including renown sexy agent Taryn Cruz. During their intense investigation, the men horrifically discover that a fifteenth century family of vampires were responsible for the may-hem, when amassing an army of vampire minions, in seeking to avenge themselves against a powerful clan of nomadic werewolves, responsible for their burial beneath Nomo long ago. Ben and Adrian soon find themselves in grave peril as well, after being caught up in the centuries old feud, which places them in a race against time to stop them, and ensure the survival of mankind. Unearthed has all the exciting action, emotional drama, and intense suspense of Village of The Full Moon Curse and Sky Streak of Terror, including an enhanced romantic undertone that makes this novel a must read for fans of this genre.

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