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How to Break Barriers and Experience Big Breakthroughs in 30 Days | Spiritual Strategies to Overcome Your Debts, Obstacles, Losses, Pains and Setbacks & Discover New Opportunities

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In 2010, I lost over $100,000 in forex trading; funds from friends who wanted to earn from the forex market. That loss brought a lot of troubles in my life, as my friends vowed I must pay back.

While I was harassed and pressured over how to repay the money lost, I also needed to foot bills that kept growing on a daily basis, especially that of my wife who needed to go through a unique surgery for delivery. Coupled with that, I had a sick mother to take care of and my rent built up severally.

Several times I suffered depression and contemplated suicide. Unfortunately, the more I cried and questioned 'why me', 'where is God', the more everything compounded. Police cases, court cases, fraud insinuations, etc

But eventually, I decided to sit down and analyze my options. And they were not many.

1. I could relocate, that is, go underground, run away and hide or 
2. Kill myself and end it permanently or
3. Face the circumstances I find myself and fight.

In the midst of my beatings from all sides,  I learned a bizarre spiritual truth.That...

We can make whatever we are going through easier by the way we handle it. 

Nothing lasts forever. 

The Bible says that: "This too shall come to pass"

That understanding became my motto to facing my situation, addressing it face to face and finding a way forward.

Don’t let the challenges you are going through today defeat the plan of God for your life. You have to fight back.

Paul told Timothy, “Fight for the prophecies that have been made on you!” . 

In this book, I want to challenge you to overcome your obstacles, overcome your fears, overcome your limitations, explore opportunities around, break forth and start fulfilling the prophecies of your life and destiny.

You’ll learn how to 

•    overcome your obstacles, 
•    overcome stress, 
•    overcome depression, 
•    overcome addiction,
•    overcome fear
•    overcome failure
•    overcome debt

Face your challenges and come out victorious.

Listen, you are destined to be a star; you are a solution to millions of people's challenges. You must not disappoint everyone.

I want to challenge you to harness your resources and make your life meaningful. 

It’s time to stop telling stories and explaining excuses. 

Life will not give you what you deserve. Life will only give you what you fight for.

In this book, I share with you:

1. Why There Is A Seed Of Good In Every Adversity and how to Search For It.

2. How You Can Overcome Your Obstacles And Fears By The Way You Handle Them.

3. 6 Beliefs That Are Wrong. Change These Beliefs and Experience Great Miracles.

4. Five Powerful Prophetic Declarations that will command favor into your life.

5. How to Consult with Your Invisible Counselors everyday so you’ll Have Solution for All Situations.

6. How to Learn From Others’ Experiences and Speed Your Progress.

7. These Six Keys Will Make Your Life Dynamic.

8. The Small Math That Will Shock You And Make You Stop Procrastinating As Tomorrow Does Not Exist!

9. Why You Should Practice the Law Of Large Numbers and you’ll Breakthrough.

10. Why You Need to Break Rules And Protocols Sometimes.

I believe that this book will help you experience great positive changes and breakthroughs in your life.

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