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Beach: Book 5 of 'Taken In Public'

Length: 47 pages44 minutes


Annie is on a much-deserved vacation a private beach with her new boss, a billionaire heir who seems to love causing her pain.

When she crosses a line by scolding her arrogant boss, she is punished severely, first stripped and filled, then bound and finally left alone. She is abandoned, squirming in ecstasy, ready for anyone who happens to pass by the beach...

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"What're you doing here, little Annie?"

His deep masculine voice, full of poise and confidence despite his current position, startled me into the present.

It distracted the woman as well. She swept her hair back to allow her brilliant blue eyes to study me. She didn't seem perturbed and I felt slighted by the ease at which she returned to her job at hand.

With an impatient growl, Francisco pulled her away from him.

A desire unfurled in the apex of my legs and I adjusted my stance to hide my body's unwanted reaction to seeing him.

I cleared my throat before talking, my tongue suddenly thick and heavy. "Perhaps it would do you well to have your work done before leaving on an impromptu vacation," I said with barely concealed disgust.

The woman eyed me curiously. From the corner of my eyes, I could see that she was pouting by his leg, suddenly unsure of what to do now that Francisco had ceased to pay her any attention.

It was all I could do not to throw the documents in his face. Blood hummed in my veins and my heart beat sped up with it. Anger suited me better than uncertainty and I held onto the emotion tightly.

His clipped reply brought a flush to my cheeks and I was reminded yet again that incapable or not, he was still my employer. "What I choose not to do is of little consequence for you, mia cara," he said with distaste.

His insistence on calling me 'my dear' in Italian despite knowing full well that my comprehension of the language is minimal fueled my anger and I straightened my shoulders. "It is of consequence to me, Mr. Francisco," I enlightened. "You know full well that most of these meetings cannot take place, whether we like it or not, without your presence and your ignorance of the subjects of the meeting sheds light on how little you care of the company that your father had slaved for in his younger days."

Only the warning signal flashed to her by the woman sprawled carelessly on his legs restrained my impulse to continue accusing him of sabotaging his father's company through sheer abandonment. She shook her head briefly, her eyes wide with fear, and I took a deep, calming breath.

The salty breeze calmed my frayed nerves and I felt ridiculous in my office clothes in the beach.

Like a predator sensing weakness in prey, his head snapped up, temper showing in an arrogant flare of nostrils. "You forget your place," he clipped.

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