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The Knight Proper

Length: 312 pages4 hours


Much like his knight-lord father, Edwin cares little for pretty words of poetry and song. Duty, loyalty, discipline: these are the only words that truly matter to him as a knight in service of the Brotherhood . . . that is, until he meets Evelina.

Beautiful beyond measure, she’s also a Gravewalker, a witch able to make use of the emotional residues left behind in cemeteries and burial grounds to power her magics. Displeased with this alliance, Edwin’s father declares all-out war against her kind, resulting in Evelina’s death, Edwin’s imprisonment, and the disappearance of Mela, their precocious young daughter.

Years later, Mela, now the most powerful Gravewalker in her clan, marshals her sisters to abandon their peaceful ways as caretakers of the dead and instead raise an army of undead warriors against the knight-lord and his men, threatening utter ruin for all.

Freed by an irascible bard with her own dubious intentions, Edwin is now the only one who can put a stop to his daughter’s quest for vengeance. To save everything he knows, he must become more than just a knight . . . He must become the Knight Proper.

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