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Brotherly Love

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“You won’t lose me. You can do anything you like and I promise I will still love you and you will still be my best bud in the whole world.”

Adam knew he was gay even when he was a kid. Growing up, many of his schoolmates have teased him for being such. To make things worse, he lost his childhood best friend because of a sexual mishap when Adam was being forced to have sex with him.

Alone and being the school “faggot”, Adam was all by himself in school. Then came Mark. Mark was a new student and befriended Adam. Adam was the first person he ever talked to as he was expanding his circle of friends in his new school. Many of his schoolmates warned him about Adam, but Mark decided to put the matter in his own hands.

Time passed and Mark became Adam’s best friend. Adam began to feel something different towards Mark. While Mark actively lived a heterosexual life, Adam can’t just push his feelings down on Mark for he feared that doing so might break their friendship.

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