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My Heart's Obsession: My Stereotypical Love, #1

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What if there was a book in heaven that recorded all the ignorant stereotypes humans created? And what if those stereotypes were returned to earth to be destroyed by love that grows between two people? VaLysia Chamberlayne, the granddaughter of a woman who kept house for a well to do white family, agrees to take Mavis, her grandmother to her former employer's home for dinner. When she meets their son, the sparks fly and so does the preconceived notions they have about each other.

VaLysia Chamberlayne knew that stereotypes about other people were wrong, even though she had a few of her own to work through.

Her grandmother Mavis had worked for the Hendricks, a well to do white family all of her life until the untimely death of VaLysia's parents when she was twelve.

Despite leaving their employ, Mavis had remained close to the family, especially Emily Hendricks. It had been fourteen years since Val had been to the Hendricks' home and now Mavis wanted her to take her there to a dinner she'd been invited to.  VaLysia wasn't thrilled about going, but she wasn't about to disappoint her grandmother.   She made up her mind to grin and bear the situation, hoping that the dinner would pass quickly and without incident.

Matheson Hendricks, the only son of Emily and Gregory Hendricks and heir to the Hannah's Bakery chain, had always loved Mavis who was like a second mother to him.  When she came to dinner, he was surprised to meet VaLysia, her granddaughter.   He found her pretty, but aloof, almost hostile and Matheson made up his mind to keep his distance.

Yet there was an undeniable attraction between the two of them that neither of them could resist. Despite each of their preconceived notions about the other:  black versus white, rich versus poor, they knew that they wanted to be together.

It was hard for VaLysia to accept that a man of Matheson's means could really be attracted to his former housekeeper's granddaughter.  It's hard for her to trust and let down her guard.

Matheson can't get her out of his mind and discovers that his pursuit of her is hindered not only by his family, but by her grandmother Mavis as well. 

Can the two of them overcome the obstacles of they face and find happiness together?

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